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Undeniably & The Winning Hand

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Dear Florida Fans, Friends, & Family…

Our 3rd and latest Nashville Album Project, “Undeniably, Scott Carter” has been shipped to ALL Florida Country Radio and Media this Summer!
Please call your favorite Country Radio Station and request our current single, “The Winning Hand“!

The Winning Hand – Listen! features Scott Carter

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Listen to Scott’s greatest hits on and tell let the world know what you think.

Listen to Scott on Jango

Review: Undeniably By Christopher Llewellyn Adams

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It’s easy to forget how great music can make you feel. There have been plenty of rough days to go around, and more may be on the way. I take comfort in knowing that artists like Scott Carter are out there, putting out work like “Undeniably.” This guy may just be what the world needs more of right about now.

Review By Christopher Llewellyn Adams – Read More>>


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ScottHello! Welcome to the online home of Scott Carter! Come back often for the latest updates; we add new shows and press all the time!

Out Now!


“Scott Carter’s Greatest Hits Album (CD)” is now available for purchase!

Click here to pick up your copy!

Scott’s Biography

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Nashville Recording Artist and International Performing Artist, Scott Carter, has had 5 songs that charted in the music trades in the USA and in several countries overseas.

“Love Keeps Knocking On Your Heart”
“Blue Collar Dollar”
“My Miss America”
“Feed The Children”
“King of Columbus Avenue”

All raced up the charts and opened the door for Scott to tour and perform throughout the USA, Australia, the Philippines, & parts of Europe. Cash Box Magazine said,

“Carter brings lyrics to life through music and opens the door to an audience – inviting them into the lives of characters and battling emotions.

” Country Music Parade Magazine said, “Scott Carter moves you emotionally deep-down inside your heart! If you ever listen to Scott Carter sing, you’ll never forget him! Carter’s hot, he’s good, and he’s worth whatever you have to pay to get his music!”

Veteran Nashville Talent Agent, Billy Deaton, said, “Listening to Scott Carter is not like hearing anyone you’ve heard before. Vocally, Carter is truly Magnificent!”

Two of Scott’s albums were nominated for “Album of the Year” at the Nashville MIRL and AIRA awards shows.

To quote Veteran Award-winning Nashville Producer, Robert Metzgar, “Scott Carter reminds you of the truly great classical voices of country music. His feel for a song creates the same impression you might get at a concert in Carnegie Hall, or live in front of 50,000 screaming fans!”

Scott won “Entertainer of the Year–International” at the 1996 Academy of Independent Recording Artists Awards Show in Nashville.

January 29th 2010

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“In preparation of a pending 2011 Australian Tour, country music artist Scott Carter is releasing a 22-song Promotional CD available only to media, including radio, TV, magazines, newspapers and on-line outlets.”

January 20th 2010

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“Five songs written and performed by Carter have charted in the music trades in the USA and several countries overseas.” “All five raced up the charts and opened the door for Carter to tour and perform throughout the USA, Australia, the Philippines, and parts of Europe.”

Extra Extra!

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““We are very happy to report that Nashville Recording Artist, Scott Carter, is still riding the crest of the Independent Country Music Charts at home and abroad (terrestrial and internet radio). In fact, Scott has held the Number 1 position on the ReverbNation Country Charts (Florida) for 3 years straight (as of this posting). (more…)

April 1st 2010 1st Quarter, 2010, Report & Press Release On Recording Artist, Scott Carter

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“We are happy to report that, during the 1st Quarter of 2010, Nashville Recording Artist SCOTT CARTER, had a Top 40 Hit Single on Australian Country Radio and on several Internet Radio Stations!  Additionally, Scott has had a Top 5 Hit Single
on ReverbNation (Florida); holding the Number 1 Spot during the whole month of February!  And, Scott is receiving airplay–on some level–on other radio stations, worldwide.
Also, Media Outlets & Political Leaders worldwide have been requesting a copy of Scott’s 22-Song ‘Best of…Scott Carter’ Promo/Demo CD Press Kit!
And, the ‘Fan Bases’ on all of the websites are growing, each week, with excited and appreciative fans!  Scott Carter merchandise is now available, also…just check out the ‘widget/link’ on MySpace.
Thanks for your love & support!   
Please join with us on Facebook, MySpace, ReverbNation, Indie Charts, & IM-Global.  All indicators show that this is going to be an awesome decade for this creative, talented Artist, Scott Carter!”                       
  • Ms. Suz Leporis, President of The Scott Carter Int’l Fan Club & The Scott Carter Promo Team-Australia. 
  • Shawn Vigneri, Promo Team-USA. 
  • Bill Davidson, Promo Team-U.K.